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Labial Cosmetic Surgery

This procedure is often called labiaplasty, labial reduction, or labial rejuvenation.

Labiaplasty is more popular than ever due to the publicity of recent reality television shows such as 90210 - cosmetic surgery is becoming more mainstream. We are seeing much more interest in labial rejuvenation or labial beautification to help women with large labia that want enhancement in their labia apperance. The recent data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows about a 30% increase in labiaplastys being preformed since 2006.

Labiaplasty or Labial rejuvenation  is a simple cosmetic procedure to reduce the size of the inner labia or to improve the over all appearance of the labia.The procedure takes about thirty minutes and there is minimal downtime during recovery-usually some minor swelling. We use the latest techniques customized to each patient to give them the results and look they desire. This simple procedure often helps their self esteem and anxiety about how the look. 

The ideal candidate for labiaplasty, labial reduction, or labial rejuvenation:

  -   Women who feel their labia are too large, too long, or asymetric in shape

  -   Women who have discomfort during sexual relations with their partner and anxiety about their labia appearance

  -   Women who have pain, irritation, or pain during exercise such as running or aerobics

If you have any further question regarding labial beautification please call us for more information and set up a consult to discuss your questions about labial enhancement.